11 octubre, 2017

Our Dear Partner´s Testimony


My name is MARIA CALVACHE I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer back in January 2016. This was a shock to me and my family in particular to my only son ARASHK as I had recently returned from the U.K. where I had lived for 15 years and where he was born. We had decided to return to Colombia to make a fresh start near our family. Being diagnosed with Breast Cancer was something I never imagined as I had always being my son´s parent and carer since he was born.

I went through chemotherapy, radiotherapy and operations. The treatments have been very aggressive and made me very tired and sick. I decided to treat alternative treatments such as food supplements, vitamins, change of diet, and so on. I felt I needed something not just to keep cancer controlled but to heal from it and that is why I did my own research into cannabis oil as I had heard about its healing properties.

I joined different Facebook pages to learn more about it and learnt about the Rick Simpson method which some people I knew were doing it successfully. So I started to try to find a cannabis oil here in Colombia that was high in CBD and had THC as well as to heal from cancer you need both of them. We are fortunate that our government made legal the use of cannabis oil for medical purposes last year. I went and got in touch with few companies and growers myself and found out that the amount of CBD they were producing was too low to help my condition.

Finally my search was over when I found Maria Juana´s oils here in my birth city of Bucaramanga. I have been taking their oils since July and they have helped me with pain, to sleep and in general to feel much better than I have felt since my diagnosis. I have faith I will be able to cure my condition and I also want to be able to help people to access alternative medicine so they can cure themselves from this horrible disease. I am a great believer this is possible by treating the condition and by making changes in our lifestyle too. We need to heal physically and spiritually so that we can achieve a full healthy mind and body.